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The Next Red-Hot Investment Mania

Hi, I’m Matthew Carr, the No. 1 trend analyst for one of America’s largest research firms.

I love getting in on new investment manias before they hit the mainstream.

And what I have on this paper you see here is a $1 million opportunity… just days away from making investors rich.


It’s the next global investment mania that will mint millionaires in 2018.

Just like when marijuana stocks dominated headlines.

Like AXIM Biotechnologies, up 1,720%… Medical Marijuana Inc., which blasted off 3,520%… and Cannabis Wheaton Corp., which rose a mind-bending 78,900%.

When marijuana stocks were red-hot, I told my readers “it’s time to ride this wave of once-in-a-lifetime profits!”

One of them, Henry Martin from Philadelphia, emailed me later saying, “Matthew, I made $800,000 on your stock recommendations.”

$800K in his account. All because of red-hot marijuana stocks.

I loved hearing that!

And when cryptocurrencies were gaining attention, I knew it would be huge. In fact, I predicted it – in writing – six months before the mania began in 2017.

I’ve watched Litecoin surge 1,725%…

And Ethereum launch 4,279%.

Cryptos made people enough money to RETIRE from a one-time investment!

And the people who heeded my early recommendation had a chance at a fortune, with a 2,384% rise in bitcoin starting the day after my prediction!


11 grand in profits in their pockets for every $500 down!

But if you missed both of these investment manias…

Don’t worry.

Because in 2018… the trend is already shifting to the next big thing, which is 10 times BIGGER than pot and cryptos.

A whole NEW investment craze is going to reward sharp investors.

It’s pressure-loaded… and in perfect position to go MUCH HIGHER.

Because it’s 100% legal, unlike pot. And way safer than “here today, gone tomorrow” cryptocurrencies.

Once I made this discovery, I started looking behind the scenes and seeing where the money was changing hands on Wall Street…

A report from Goldman Sachs recently revealed, “Markets are currently facing the best demand backdrop in over a decade!

In preparation… traders have tripled the number of bets that this market will have a breakthrough year in 2018.


The World Bank predicts a big “price spike” coming.

All the insiders know it. The lid is about to burst and money is about to shoot out like a geyser.

And you won’t have to wait long…

I expect by the end of June, the writing will be on the wall.

All you have to do is position yourself now… and you could potentially enjoy even BIGGER returns than pot stocks or cryptos.

There’s one stock right now that could go from just $0.20…

To $4.48.

That’s a potential gain of 2,140%…


It’s out there right now… waiting to explode.

Here’s another…

This stock could launch from $0.81… to $32 and change.

3,851% in potential profits.


One more…

This $0.65 stock… could snap back and hit $56!


And I’ll show you how a small stake in two more extraordinary stocks could make you a millionaire over time.

Of course, you could wait to see how this all plays out before taking action…

Watching on the sidelines while others “risk” just a couple hundred bucks…

But think of it this way…

What if you had a list of cryptocurrencies this time last year? When bitcoin was less than $1,000?

Or a list of pot stocks just before they blew up in value?

Would you have gotten in on those, knowing what you know now?

I would certainly hope so.

If you missed out on those opportunities… this could be your shot at a do-over!

Soon, newspapers will publish headline after headline about this mania.

Op-eds will ask, “How could we have been so blind?”

And eventually, just like with pot and cryptos, the mainstream public will jump in.

But only those who act NOW will get the chance to see life-changing profits.

I have the exact stocks you need, right here on this list… which you can claim today.

Write down what you hear…

Risk just a couple hundred bucks on a few of these opportunities before this window of opportunity closes in June…

And you could be $1 million richer as a result, sailing toward the retirement of your dreams!

Safer Than Cryptos… Completely Legal (Unlike Marijuana)… and Wildly Profitable

Now, I need to make one thing very clear before I go on…

If you’re the type of person who thinks there are NO good opportunities in today’s market…

That NOTHING as profitable as bitcoin or pot stocks will ever happen again…

Then leave now.

No amount of money is going to convince you if you’ve already made up your mind.

But if you recognize that those with closed minds never reap the big rewards, then I could help you do very well over the next few months.

What I’m about to show you is SAFER than the trends you’ve been seeing people get rich on over the past two years.

With 2018’s new investment craze, you can get in right now with three clicks in the average brokerage account.

So, if you’re still with me…

I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take.

Similar situations in history saw 10-baggers for 1,149%…


20-baggers for 2,047%…


Even 60-baggers for 6,118%…


Those aren’t even the heavy hitters.

I’ve seen instances where you could have made even more.

One stock had gains of 172,000%.

Enough to make you a millionaire from a one-time investment of $1,000.

Of course, once-in-a-lifetime gains this high are rare, but even a fraction of those could change your life!

When this new investment mania kicks into high gear, the gains here are likely to be as big as any we’ve seen yet.

Best of all, you can start with a very small sum…

And potentially see HUGE results.

Reuters reports that Wall Street is already snapping up “bargain basement prices” on special trades to prepare for this massive price spike.

So you must act quickly.

Richard Robinson, manager of a $10 BILLION fund, declared, “We are extremely confident.”

Everywhere you look…

The smart money is moving its pieces into position… for the BIGGEST opportunity of the year.

Just like when pot stocks were trading for $0.10 a share in 2016.

Just like when cryptos were trading for pennies in 2017.

Now they’re doing it again prior to 2018’s investment mania.

I’ll reveal exactly what it is in just a moment…

It’s something I call “PenErgy.”

But before I explain exactly what that means… I need you to understand the profit potential at your fingertips right now.

If you put down a small speculation now…

You Could Become a Millionaire

But as I said, you have to act now.

Because you could very well pocket more than $1 million… with only TWO stocks.

Why am I so certain?

Because the event I’m looking at has happened before.

It’s cyclical.

Downright predictable.

And when it does strike… the profits hit like a tidal wave slamming into the market.

For example…

Let’s imagine you started with just $200.

Last time this type of investment mania came along, a tiny Kansas-based PenErgy company launched 31,329%… in just 28 days.

Enough to turn your $200 into $62,658.


Imagine that for a moment.

You risk $200 on a profit-loaded stock.

Then, three months later…

You wake up…

And suddenly your retirement account has $62,658 more sitting inside.

How would that feel? Can you imagine that rush of excitement?

That’s the power of PenErgy, as you’re going to see.

Now imagine that I brought you another one of these profit-loaded stocks.

Around the same time as that last grand slam.

This time it’s a Nevada-based PenErgy company…

You decide to be bold.

You pocket $55,000 of your winnings from the first play.

And then you decide to play with the remaining $7,000 of your “house money.”

And your boldness pays off big…

In just eight months…

Your $7,000 investment in the Nevada PenErgy company hands you $1.3 million in profits!

A whopping 18,400% gain!


That’s how fast your life could change.

Just two plays.

In less than a year!

Starting with just $200.

I am certain this same investment mania will kick off by June 2018…

All you have to do is simple.

Put $200 down in the right stocks just before the mania kicks into overdrive, which I expect to happen by June 30.

You could potentially finish with more than $1 million within the next year.

That’s how fast these stocks can move!

Of course, you might make less than that.

Nobody can say for sure. After all, past performance isn’t indicative of future success. And to identify two massive winners back to back would require exceptional timing and bit of luck.

But you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. And if you don’t at least try, I can guarantee you will make absolutely nothing!

I want to give you the best possible chance at turning just a few hundred bucks into a retirement fortune!

Of course, you could wait until all of this starts… then try to jump on with the early adopters and get whatever scraps they leave for you.

Honestly, though…

In the past, when this investment mania hit America… millionaires were minted on just a single play.

All because they were early…

And they didn’t need to risk much. Neither will you.

Watch how you could become a millionaire from just one and ONLY one stock.

Just One of These PenErgy Stocks Can Make You a Millionaire

If it sounds like I’m pounding the table on this…

It’s only because I want you to know how predictable it is.

PenErgy profits are cyclical… down to a science.

Just look at what happened when this investment class saw a huge profit surge in 2002.

At the time, a PenErgy company called Paladin was taking off.

It literally sold for fractions of a penny.

But not for long…

Over time, that stock launched to $8.62.


From fractions of penny to over $8 – clocking in a 172,360% gain.

Enough to take a $1,000 investment…

And hand you more than $1.7 MILLION!

But everything is lining up for massive profits once again.

You’ve just seen that when it hits, you could turn $200 into as much as $1 million or more.

Sure, that’s a tall order.

You’re going to have to time it just right and get really lucky.

But I’m supremely confident that I can help you see HUGE gains with PenErgy.

Now, let me explain what PenErgy is… for those of you who haven’t beaten me to the punch!

The Origins of PenErgy

It’s very simple…

PenErgy refers to small penny energy stocks that can produce outsized gains when oil moves up in price.

It’s not the “sexiest” thing in the world, like Tesla launching a rocket or Google making a self-driving car.

But that’s why it has such IMMENSE profit potential – because the average investor doesn’t realize the power of PenErgy.

And the bottom line is…

In 2018, we’ll see an undeniable spike in energy prices. (I’ll prove it to you in just a moment.)

But this spike in the price of energy will create a new and explosive investment mania in penny energy stocks.

As these stocks start to rise, newspapers will run big splashy headlines…

“The bears were wrong! Energy stocks rally with a vengeance.”

“Penny energy is the new bitcoin, minting millionaires left and right.”

“The obvious trade everyone missed.”

You see… whenever oil goes up during a rally…

Penny energy stocks deliver an absolute fortune.

I’ll prove it to you right now.

Let’s go back to 2002…

Outside of America, economic conditions were forming that would cause a big spike in oil prices.

Demand started skyrocketing in developing Asian countries. Big countries like China were firing on all cylinders, building new infrastructure, creating jobs and much more.

The world economy was growing… and oil prices started climbing.

That’s a key point to remember… when the economy is thriving, it always leads to soaring energy prices.

Smart traders in 2002 saw it happening… and loaded up on tiny penny energy stocks because they knew…

Cheap energy today… means massive profits tomorrow.

Famed trader Andy Hall was one of the first to recognize this cycle.

And he snatched up trades he likely knew would pay off massively on even a modest move in oil prices.

And the bet paid off BIG time: Between 2002 and 2004, oil prices more than doubled from $27 to $64.

And by betting on a leveraged investment that would supercharge his returns, Hall made Citigroup $800 MILLION, confirmed by Forbes.

What he did wasn’t even that hard…

Oil going from $27 to $64 sent dozens of PenErgy stocks – trading for just a dollar or two – into the stratosphere.

And as oil went even higher in the following years, stock prices went insane…


Isramco, a Texas-based PenErgy company, launched from $2.27 a share… to more than $49 a share…

Enough to turn $200 into $4,388!

Or look at Southwestern Energy Co.

It went from a $1.50… to $24.78 at its peak.


Enough to turn $400 into $6,472.

Or Range Resources…

It went from $3.05 to more than $41 a share at its peak.


See what I mean by small risk, HUGE reward?

Each of these companies traded for less than a $5 bill…

Yet $5K invested in each of them…

Would have turned into more than $259,400.

Imagine an extra quarter of a million dollars in your retirement account. It would take a swimming pool to hold that amount of money.

All from only three stocks.

And that’s just the beginning. If oil goes on a sustained run, you’re going to see monumental gains in dozens of stocks.

Last time, Valero went from $5.96… to over $69.


Vaalco Energy went from $0.97 to more than $8.


TransGlobe Energy Corporation went from $0.38 to $8.99.


It was amazing for those people who recognized this core truth…

When oil is moving up… penny energy stocks can hand you a bigger fortune than virtually anything else.

MUCH bigger than Exxon or Chevron, the companies that make all the news.

And I’m positive, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s going to happen again starting in June.

Just as it always does…

PenErgy Came Back With a Vengeance In 2009

After the spike in energy prices in 2002…

We saw another one seven years later in 2009.

In January of 2009, oil was cheap again, with a barrel costing just $35.

That’s when prices started rising.

As the economy began to rebuild itself from the financial crisis, oil began to take off yet again.

The smart traders jumped for joy. They knew what was about to happen.

And the mantra was about to come true once again…

Cheap energy today… massive profits tomorrow.

By the end of the year, a barrel of oil had doubled from $35 to $70.

Then in 2010, it reached $100.

And just as they always do, tiny penny energy stocks went into overdrive…

Houston American Energy Corp. was just $1.

But once the mania kicked in, it was worth as much as $18 a share!

Every $200 grew to $2,498.


Every $500 into $6,240!

L&L Energy turned every $2,500 into $62,450…


And every $5,000 into a $124,900 windfall!

Cheniere Energy is one of my favorites…

From 2009 to 2014, it saw 4,575% in PenErgy profits!


And here’s one that really sums up the mania of PenErgy…

And just how much money could be waiting for you if you act now…

Virtus Oil and Gas turned $10,000 into a rare $1.2 million!

Yet another example of how PenErgy can make you a millionaire from a single stock!


These are DIRT CHEAP stocks…

Selling for as little as $0.50 a share…

And yet…

They have the potential to hand you gains of up to 1,000% over and over again thanks to this predictable cycle.

Best of all?

You don’t need to see massive moves in oil.

Even mini-rallies can hand you huge gains!

Look at How Small Moves in Energy Can Hand You HUGE Gains

I want to be very clear on this…

You don’t need to see massive moves in oil to see massive profits.

Even small oil rallies could lead you to HUGE profits on PenErgy stocks.

For example…

In 2015 and 2016, nothing very exciting happened in energy.

Oil traded up from $43… to around $55.

It was just a mini-rally.

But that’s all it takes for PenErgy stocks to move BIG.

Like Aly Energy Services… which turned $100 into $8,235…


Or $1K into $82,000.

Or Fortem Resources Inc.


It turned $100 into $7,500 so far…

That’s $74,000 in profits on just $10K down.

In total, you could’ve made over 150 grand between those two stocks!

And that was only from a mini-rally in energy. One that you probably never even noticed!

Think about it…

What has oil done since then?

It’s been cheap. Heck, it’s nowhere even near what it used to be.

We’re now over eight years removed from the last major oil rally.

In short… we’re due for a BIG spike.

And guess what?

The world economy is booming again. And I believe we are days away from witnessing it…

I’m willing to stake my entire reputation on it.

Here’s why…

I’ve Made My Own “$800 MILLION Discovery”

I believe I’ve made a discovery similar to Andy Hall’s in 2002… which led his company to $800 million in profits.

As you recall, he discovered that Chinese demand was going to bring oil prices back with a vengeance.

Their economy was thriving, they were spending on infrastructure, creating jobs… and everything was looking up.

Well, just like the evidence Hall found…

I’ve uncovered enough proof for me to declare that energy is set to be the No. 1 investment in 2018 by a wide margin!

If you’ve studied economics, you know nothing drives energy prices higher or faster than a booming economy.

And every single number I’m looking at says the U.S. economy is set for record growth period this year.

New York Daily News reported that unemployment levels have fallen to the lowest levels in 17 years!

Not only are more jobs being created…

Thanks to the job market’s new strength, The New York Times has discovered, “wages have increased… in many industries that are generally low-paying.”

Meaning the little guy is finally starting to see the recovery…

The National Federation of Independent Businesses, the true benchmark for mom and pop businesses, gave its strongest report in more than 34 years.

Its CEO revealed…

We have never seen this kind of intensity around job creation in the 44-year history of the NFIB jobs report… This is a powerful signal that small business is roaring back to life and ready to lead another period of economic expansion.

I’d say the signal is as clear as it could possibly be!

The Wall Street Journal confirms that global earnings are the HIGHEST they’ve ever been!

It’s truly incredible to see the world economy coming together… and firing on all cylinders.

Businesses are spending record numbers on equipment… Trucking fleets have ordered more than 32,900 Class 8 trucks to meet the growing shipping demand – an increase of 70%.

That’s more than 320 miles of trucks, if you lined them all up. Or the equivalent of more than 188 Golden Gate Bridges…

And what do you think is going to power that massive fleet?

You’re absolutely right: energy!

The same thing that’s going to power the RECORD NUMBER of homes being sold right now.

As an economist and trend expert, I know this is exactly what I’m looking for.

There’s no shortage of good economic news…

We have a new tax bill that can bring between $2 trillion and $3 trillion of offshore money back into the economy.

And now the average Joe has more money in his pocket! Bloomberg confirmed that consumer confidence, the biggest part of the economy, is the highest it’s been in 17 years!

GDP is at its fastest growth rate since 2014… at 3.3% annualized!

Here’s what you’ve got to understand.

Every single time the economy booms, energy prices spike along with it.

Businesses across the globe are ramping up production and shipping, and that spending will drive energy prices much higher.

Some traders have TRIPLED their bets that we’re going to see an energy spike this year. With everything I’ve told you, they are virtually CERTAIN it’s going to happen.


Because they know one thing…

A strong economy always leads to a spike in energy prices… and that spells massive profit in penny energy stocks.

You can get a seat at the table for pennies on the dollar right now… an absolute stealcompared to where oil is headed…

Allowing you to potentially turn as little as $200 into a VERY big windfall.



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Six Figures Over and Over Again

I also believe penny energy stocks are the most fun you can have in this market.

They’re safer than bitcoin.

They’re 100% legal, unlike most pot companies.

And they can still move like wildfire!

Just look at all the money you could have made the last time we had a PenErgy mania! The money was EVERYWHERE for investors who knew where to look.

A company like Bellatrix Exploration could’ve handed you 10 times your money…


Ballard Power launched 31 times in value.


Denbury Resources exploded 33 times in value!


Vertex Energy Inc. rose more than 74 times in value!

$1,000 put an exceptional 74 grand in your pocket.


Now imagine an extraordinary home run…

A truly once-in-a-lifetime special PenErgy stock like Paladin…


With a whopping return of 172,000%… it handed out a rare $1.7 MILLION in profits from every $1,000 investment.

Think of the catch-up you can play on your retirement goals right now…

Or those around-the-house projects you’ve been putting off…

Or another vacation you could treat yourself to.

The key to potentially unlocking it all is right here, right now, at your fingertips.

A tiny $200 investment won’t break the bank… and it could potentially add thousands to your account…

But only if you act before June.

The True Catalyst

It’s coming fast…

Just before 2017 ended, Fortune magazine revealed, “The U.S. is on the threshold of the biggest oil and gas boom ever.”

Then Forbes published a report titled “Higher Oil Prices Are Likely in 2018.”

And The Wall Street Journal echoed the sentiment with “Oil prices expected to keep rising in 2018.”

And that means one thing for penny energy stocks…

Massive gains.

The traders at Barclays are hot on my heels. They admitted “global oil demand growth will NOT stand still.”

I am confident that by June, the mania in penny energy stocks will begin.

We are on the verge of colossal gains, just as we have witnessed before…


Like I said, at the very minimum, think about casting out a couple $100 bills from your portfolio so you can get a bite of one of these profit-loaded stocks.

Just look at what could happen… all because you’re early on this trend.

If the Price per Barrel Goes Up Even a Few Dollars, You Could Make THOUSANDS!

I expect oil could go to $100 a barrel.

But the beauty of this situation is… even a small move in the price could deliver a huge win for you.

Let’s say it goes up by just $5 per barrel.

And as you know, a $5 move can happen quite easily.

PenErgy stocks could go absolutely wild. One I mentioned earlier could go from just $0.20… back up to $4.48.

That’s what it was trading for the last time oil crossed over the $70 line.

That’s a potential gain of 2,140%… from just an itsy bitsy $5 move in oil.


If oil goes up $10 to the same prices it reached in October 2014…

Again, totally reasonable…

You could add another 1,000% to that potential return!


That’s just one PenErgy stock that’s out there right now…

Here’s another…

If oil jumps just over $15…

This stock could launch 4,279%.


That figure is based on how high this stock climbed last time oil prices went that high.

So if you’re ready…

To be one of the FIRST people in on this trend before it happens

Just like the early pot stock investors…

And the early bitcoin investors…

I hope you’ll accept my report, “PenErgy Profits: Your Blueprint to a 7-Figure Retirement.”

It reveals each of the penny energy stocks I recommend buying before this massive trend kicks off.

Now, of course, as with all investments, nothing is guaranteed. And when it comes to penny stocks like these, there’s much more risk involved.

But that’s what makes these massive profits possible! And when you can get started with just $200, it’s nothing to lose sleep over!

Every one is available at fantastic prices, and I’ll tell you the exact price to get in… so you can start with a very small sum and give yourself a chance at record profits.

It’s the one space in the markets right now where you can find truly life-changing opportunities.

And here’s the thing… if oil goes back to $100… the gains could be so big, it could make your retirement in a single year.

Just look at this and try not to get excited…

$100 Oil Could Completely Rewrite Your Retirement

If oil goes to $100, history shows one stock I’m looking at could launch from $0.04…

To $9.70!

A gain of 24,150%.


$200 in this single stock could hand you $48,300.

I’ve calculated these potential returns by comparing where these companies are trading today with their prices the last time oil was hitting new highs.

We are long overdue for an energy rally.

It’s going to happen again, mark my words.

But why keep going over examples of what’s happened before…

When I can give you my exact stock recommendations for what’s going to happen next…. in the days leading up to June?

I’ll reveal EVERYTHING to you…

Including the energy stocks I believe have the biggest chance of rising along with the price of oil… and how to prepare yourself for this profit frenzy that’s fast approaching…

By sending you “PenErgy Profits: Your Blueprint to a 7-Figure Retirement.”

With very little money invested, even as little as $200, this guide will help you find the stocks that could completely rewrite your retirement.

This Report “Unlocks” the Most Profit-Loaded Sector of the Market in 2018

Best of all, I have a digital copy of my free report ready to be sent.

I can have it in your inbox within minutes.

You can access it on your phone, tablet and, of course, your computer.


I’ve helped so many people with my high-level research before you found me today…

Like Dan Bevan, who’s added a fast 16 grand to his accounts.

Frank Thompson is also up big, amassing around $20,000 with my help.

Stephen O’Shaughnessy really humbled me when he called one of my investing systems “genius.”

But why should I go on about other people’s success?

This is YOUR time.

To be one of the first people in early on the big investment mania coming in 2018.

A mania that is 10 times BIGGER than bitcoin and marijuana!

And best of all, you have a report unlocking everything you need to know with “PenErgy Profits: Your Blueprint to a 7-Figure Retirement”…

I just hope you’ll let me know how you’re doing throughout your profitable journey after today…

I Want to Be 100% Sure You Can Take Home Killer Profits!

Because PenErgy is only the beginning of how I’m going to help you transform your wealth.

I plan on giving you every great idea I come up with.

I’ve been living and breathing investing since I was 18 years old.

I became financially independent by my mid-20s, essentially buying my first house in cash.

And today, nearly 10 years after I started, I’ve collected more wins than I ever thought possible.

My wife and I could live quite comfortably off the profits we’ve made on our investments.

But I’m having too much fun to stop doing what I love.

That’s why I prefer helping people, rather than simply trying to have more for the sake of having more.

And I have a knack for doing it in any industry…

With Nutrisystem, the popular dieting company… I showed my readers the chance at a 419% gain…

Then I captured another 492% on the toymaker Hasbro.

Cynosure, a laser surgery company, gave us a 512% gain!

Zebra Technologies, which makes specialty sports equipment for the NFL, gave us 500% in four months…

We scored 752% on Netflix!

Hershey gained an exceptional 900% on my recommendation.

Boston Beer, the makers of the famous Sam Adams Beer, led my readers to a massive 1,889% profit!

And I’ll never forget my huge record-setter on Columbia Sportswear. My readers had the chance to make 27X their money (2,733%). I can’t tell you how good that felt.

I’m not telling you this to brag, I just want you to know…

I can help you make A LOT of money in any market.

And PenErgy happens to be the BEST place to see big results going into 2018. And the ONLY place where even $200 could hand you a retirement fortune.

With penny energy stocks in perfect position, I think we’re about to see the BIGGEST gains ever witnessed.


Which will make everything you’ve seen today look small in comparison…


GTII 18,400%!

Remember, even a small $5 move in energy could hand you ENORMOUS gains.


This is going to be an incredible journey for you.

And that’s why I want you to start profiting from my research.

In addition to my report…

I want to send you updates along the way with my stock research service.

It’s called Oxford Resource Explorer.

That way you know – NOT THINK OR GUESS – the absolute best stocks worth your time and money.

I Have Only One Objective: To Help You Make LOTS of Money… So You Can Do Whatever You Want!

Oxford Resource Explorer is a quick way to find out what’s valuable and what isn’t.


In a world of printed money, come-and-go fads and an unreliable media…

You have to be careful with your hard-earned money and investments.

You don’t want to buy a stock just because it got headlines.

My goal is always to search out profit opportunities on products with real, hold-in-your-hand value.

For instance, we were one of the FIRST to capitalize on the marijuana trend…

We’ve also followed gold, one of the oldest, most reliable ways to make money that produced stocks like…

Asanko Gold Inc., which clocked in a return of 203%…


Alacer Gold Corp., which rose 1,012%… from $1.01 to $11.24.


And Centerra Gold, which climbed 1,657%… from $1.14 to $20.04.


My point is…

When we identify an opportunity…

You can see the benefits almost immediately.

Once a week, I’ll email you an alert called Oxford Resource Explorer Weekly Wire.

This will deliver you the nitty gritty details of what’s going on in the energy markets without any bias. Just the cold hard facts.

I’ll reveal the best way to play every situation to your advantage.

I’ll also issue trade alerts and send them to you immediately when it’s time to take our profits and move on to the next one.

We ONLY target opportunities that have real value. Not just fly-by-night trends.

Once a month, you’ll receive the official Oxford Resource Explorer issue.


This highlights the best investments capable of returning 100%…



And more!

And I always write it in a simple, no-jargon format.

You’ll get all the details behind each company I recommend, including the tiny penny stocks you can’t find anywhere else.

I also travel to examine these companies for myself, to make sure they’re 100% worth your time.

Recently, I just visited an “urban mine” in Texas that can extract gold without EVER digging a hole or opening a mine.

It was jaw-dropping, to say the least. It completely redefines the word “mining” in the 21st century.

My specialty is bringing you opportunities you never knew existed.

Just ask yourself this question, and if you answer “yes,” I promise you, you’re the right fit:

Do you think we’re going to be using energy a year from now? Two years from now? 10 years from now?

Of course we are!

Energy will never go anywhere. It’s inevitable we will need it today, tomorrow and every day in the future.

That’s why I know you’ll love Oxford Resource Explorer – it finds opportunities that will continue to be profitable for years to come.

Can you say for sure bitcoin will be around in a year or two?

Honestly, nobody can.

But that’s why PenErgy profits are so exciting. We will always need energy! It’s inherently valuable!

And you can discover the best opportunities to make money fast with Oxford Resource Explorer.

But that’s not all I’m going to give you today.

I want to be 100% sure you’re able to rake in cash from every single place that’s available to you.

That’s why I’m going to give you my “Marijuana Millionaire’s Handbook” completely free as an added gift today.

2018 Is Going to Be a HUGE Year for Marijuana as It Becomes Legal

You see, the nice thing about the marijuana market is it still has LOTS of room to grow in 2018.


Yes, we saw the biggest gains when marijuana first went legal in 2016… but the big gains are going to continue for many years to come.

Only 10 states have legalized it so far. It’s set to grow into a booming $31.4 billion global market going forward.

So when companies release BIG news about sales growing… or new markets becoming legal… their stocks can move fast.

That’s why I’m rushing you “The Marijuana Millionaire’s Handbook” today, because I don’t want you to miss out on stocks like these.

Imagine it…

You log in to your brokerage account…

And you see a stock like Eco Sciences Solutions Inc. climbing a whopping 114,400%!


Even if you put only $500 into an exceptional weed stock like this one…

You’d be rewarded with $570,000 in profits!

Then let’s say I find another great weed stock for you.

With a stock like CannaGrow Holdings, a one-time $500 investment would have grown even BIGGER!

This pot stock went up 127,900%!


Enough to turn $500 into $640,000!

That’s more than $1.1 million from two marijuana stocks.

Are these gains rare? Of course. But even a fraction of these gains would change your life!

I say why not give you the best of both worlds today?

Penny energy stocks… and penny pot stocks. Both can make you fabulously wealthy with very little money invested.

Within “The Marijuana Millionaire’s Handbook,” you’ll have a basket of profit-loaded pot stocks like these.

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Buyers Beware! Super Sales Machine Review Is It A SCAM?


As someone who has been around the block a few times when it comes to internet marketing, I was a little apprehensive when I stumbled across the latest offering by Aaron Danker and his Super Sales Machine.

I have been involved in this business as both a product creator and an affiliate marketer for nearly 12 years, and it would be fair to say that I have seen it all when it comes to products which offer step by step methods to making money online.

Would the Super Sales Machine be any different to similar products on the market and do what it says on the tin, or would it be another case of the same old out-dated techniques and worn out products that have been flogged to death by every man and his dog?

So, what is the Super Sales Machine?


The Super Sales Machine is a membership site which provides two review websites each month (free and paid versions) which promote popular products sold through

I know from personal experience how lucrative this business model can be.

There can’t be many better feelings than hearing aping’ on your mobile phone when you have made yet another sale, or waking up in the morning to see numerous notifications that sales have been made whilst you have been asleep.

Affiliate marketing offers the man on the street a realistic way to truly embrace the internet marketing lifestyle without having to invest a fortune to do so, but choosing the best offers to promote is often described as the fine line between success and failure.

One of the best-kept secrets amongst those who are making money with affiliate marketing is that a well-written review of the product which is being promoted is the easiest and most effective way to make sales.

The problem is, unless you are going to spend a fortune and invest in every product that you promote, AND you have the time and expertise to put together a review which will generate sales, you will find it an extremely slow and arduous process which results in many newcomers to the business simply giving up.

So, with that in mind, you can perhaps understand why I was little wary when I heard about the Super Sales Machine, even though the man behind it has a superb reputation within the industry.

On arriving at the official website, you are greeted by a video and information which tells you exactly what is on offer, and I have to say that my concerns were immediately put to one side, but not for the reasons that I was expecting.




Please let me explain.

As already mentioned, the business model is a membership site which supplies members with two Clickbank review sites every month.

These review sites are of an extremely high quality but more about that later, for now, I would like to touch on the type of products which are being reviewed.

A mistake I often see from inexperienced internet markers is that they choose to promote products which are here today and gone tomorrow.

For example, it is all well and good promoting an eBook which takes advantage of a so-called Google loophole in order to gain higher search engine rankings.

They may make a few initial sales, but then see any income grind to a halt as the loophole becomes outdated.

The marketers who achieve real success are those who promote evergreen products which will not only continue to sell this time next month, but also this time next year, and the year after that.

I will talk about some of the products that the reviews of this membership are based on later, but I should also point out the benefits of promoting on the Clickbank platform.

If you have not previously been involved in affiliate marketing, you may not be aware that you usually must obtain permission from the vendor to promote their products.

In my early days of internet marketing I made the mistake of spending hours putting together a review site to promote a home study course but when I applied to join the affiliate program I was refused!

Different vendors have their own reason for accepting and denying affiliate requests but with Clickbank, you are automatically accepted to sell every product on their platform.

If you are not already signed up to Clickbank it is just a matter of doing so, and then you will be qualified to take advantage of every review site which is included in the Super Sales Machine membership.

Ok, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s have a look at what you get when you grab a membership with the Super Sales Machine.

There are two types of membership on offer, a free version and a paid version which should cost $97 per month but is on offer now for $97 for a full year.

I know that it is always tempting to go with the free version of anything but in this case, an investment of $97 for what basically equates to 24 of the high-quality review sites is something of a no-brainer.

Don’t get me wrong, if you decide to go for the free version you will still be able to go out there and make money, but it will be far easier to make sales with the paid versions.

The big difference between the two types of review sites is that the ones which come with the paid membership are video sales letters.

Believe me when I say that there is a big difference between the two when it comes to how well they convert.

These are not that kind of video sales letters which are based around someone speaking over a PowerPoint presentation but instead, professional actors who expertly use powerful techniques to explain the benefits of the products which are being promoted.

The subjects of the review sites in the Super Sales Machines that I reviewed are about as far removed from the usual ‘internet marketing’ niches and this is one of the reasons why I am so impressed by this membership

The four review sites which I reviewed promoted the following Clickbank products and I wouldn’t blame you if you had not even considered entering some of these markets before.

The thing to remember is that large numbers of people are passionate about these subjects to the point that they sometimes think of nothing else.

They are actively looking for the products that these review sites promote and all they need is a little persuasion in order for them to get their credit cards out and make a purchase.

I’m sorry if I sound a little overexcited by what is on offer here but the potential to go out and make money from these lucrative review sites is huge.

I am probably the same as you when it comes to running my online business in that as well as looking for ways to make money, I am also interested in saving money!

So, if you were asking yourself if you could put one of these review sites together yourself and save some money, I don’t blame you because I asked myself the same question.

I started to make a few calculations but after a few minutes, I found myself staring at my calculator in disbelief.

The membership to Super Sales Machines is on offer at the moment for $97 per year, which equates to 24 of these review sites.

I couldn’t even get the price down to $97 for one, in fact, the lowest I got to was just under $150 and that was by cutting lots of corners, not a very good idea!


I couldn’t be more impressed with the Super Sales Machine membership package and I actually feel bad that I had my doubts when I first heard about it, but I should have known better when I saw that Aaron Danker is behind it.

It’s not often that a membership site like this ticks all of the boxes but this one certainly does.

– High-quality sales letters
– Promoting superb, evergreen products
– Easy to set up
– First class support
– Suitable for beginners and experts
– The ability to generate sales for years to come

If money is tight, I would advise that you take advantage of the free membership that Aaron is offering but if at all possible, make an investment of $97 and it will go down as one of the best investments that you will ever make.

In these times of uncertainty, when so many people are worried about their financial future, this is probably one of the best opportunities out there to make a wonderful passive income whilst having the time and resources to enjoy the finer things in life.

I think you can probably tell that I am impressed with the Super Sales Machine, so it goes without saying that it comes with my highest recommendation.

Click Here To Sign Up For A FREE Account –



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